SSC Minutes Nov. 4, 2014

Morse High School

School Site Council (SSC) Minutes November 4, 2014

Members Present:Black, Y, Grendron, M., Green, H.A., Guilas, G., Irby, M., Johnson, J.,Sanchez, L., Orona, J., Rockett, R., Ahlgren,E.


Student Present:Caroline Siegel-Singh

Ex. Officos:

Mr. Harry Shelton,Principal

Mr. William Laine,Vice Principal

We had a quorum.

The meeting wascalled to order @ 5:04 PM; The Chairman asked the Council to read the Minutesfor approval, minutes were approved.

Parent Report (J. Orona)

Wilson Middle School: 12:46-1:45

Coffee with the Principle: November 7, 2014: Friday

Principle's Report: Mr. Shelton

Mr. Shelton went over the budget for title one.

Beginning: $398,432.00

Mr. Shelton shared that Morsehas two CAHSEE teacher paid out of title one.

ILST: position gone.

Mrs. Black: asked, "Why do other schools have a librarian and we donot?"

Mr. Shelton responded.

DAC- Ms. Green: No report.

ELAC- Ms. Brown: No report.

Round Table: Shelton

Ahlgren: Bungalows are gone, noise has diminished.

Orona: Joyce will send the e-mail.

Holiday Party: December 4, 2014

Budget Amount: To be determined per Shelton.

Turkey giveaways

Feeding Americas is not at Morse this year.

Holiday Party: Start time: 5:30 PM

Round Table: Community Member -

Shared upcoming events for AAA on Saturday November 22, 2014

The Meeting adjourned at 5:44 PM.

Respectfully submitted: Helen A. Green

SSC Secretary Lourdes Sanchez

Assist. Secretary M. Gendron

Chair Person H. Shelton Principal

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