PE Dept Mission Statement


Course Syllabus

Mission Statement:

The Morse Physical Education department is designed in accordance with the State ofCaliforniaphysical fitness standards. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of each individual through participation in various aerobic, strength training, stretching and physical activities.

Department Goals:

To develop physically educated students who:

  • Develop social skills to work cooperatively with others
  • Learn the skills necessary to perform in a variety of physical activities
  • Are physically fit in accordance with the State ofCalifornia Standards
  • Learn to enjoy participation in daily physical activity
  • Value physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle


Students are to wear a T-shirt of sweatshirt, shorts or sweats and laced tennis shoes with socks. A PE uniform may be purchased at the Finance Office, but it is not mandatory. The only colors that may be worn areNAVY BLUE, ASH GRAY and WHITE. No other colors may be worn. Points will be deducted from the student's daily grade if the wrong colors are worn;NO EXCEPTIONS.

Loaner Clothes:

Loaner clothesmaybe available if the student doesn't have their uniform. Students must leave their Student ID card upon checkout; it will be returned when the student returns the loaners. Each item borrowed will result in a minimal fee.

Locker Room Responsibilities:

Each student will be issued a gym basket to store their PE uniforms.A combination lock is required. Students are not allowed to share baskets or clothes. It is highly recommended that students keep a small towel and deodorant in their basket for hygiene purposes and also keep a spare set of PE clothes in case of emergency.

Students in the locker room should:

  • Always lock their lock
  • Never engage in horseplay, running or fighting
  • Always take their uniform home on Fridays to wash them
  • Never eat or drink in the locker room, gymnasium, or roll call numbers
  • Never bring valuables or large amounts of money

(Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items)


Excuses from participating in class will only be given for blue slips, medical excuses and emergency passes from the nurse, principals or counselors. Students are responsible for making up any missed work or graded runs. Illnesses or injuries limiting activity for more than 3 days require a note from a doctor or nurse.

Medical Concerns:

Please indicate to the school nurse any health problems that may limit your child from participating fully. The nursemustbe made aware of any health issues. If your child needs an inhaler, please have it with your child at all times during PE.


A total point system and the non suit grading system will be implemented. This includes attendance, suiting up in the proper attire and active participation, written work, tests and the final. Non suits are encouraged to participate. The instructor will determine the activity. Non participants will not be allowed to make up the points.

  • Suiting up, participation and attendance 10 points a day for 18 weeks.
  • Fitness days: 10 points. Whether the run is graded on time or completion 2 runs a week for 18 weeks.
  • Written assignments:10 pointsfor each modified Wednesday.
  • End of Unit tests and Final test at the end of the semester.

Points to be determined by the instructor.

90-100% =A 80-89% = B 70-79%=C 60-69%= D 59% or lower = F

  • Students arriving late to class will be marked a non-participation.
  • 0 points are awarded for absent days
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