School Site Council Minutes November 11, 2016


School Site Council Minutes


November 11, 2016

The meeting was called to order @ 3:01 P. M. by Mr. Gendron, the Chairperson. Mr. Laine substituted for Dr. Shelton.

Members present: Black, Y., Irby, Monica, Gendron, Mark, Green, Helen; Guilas, Gloria; Sanchez, Lourde

Members absent: Orano, Joyce; Natanauan, Nelda

Students present:

Castellanos, Nicole; Abdirahim, Hashim

Mr. Gendron introduced & welcomed our new member, Hashim.

Mrs. Gendron asked for the Minutes to be read and approved by the committee. The Minutes were approved as written. Green/Guilas

Parent report:

Next Tuesday, is the last Parent Workshop of Passport to School Success. Pastry with the Principal/Coffee with the Counselors- This Friday 8:00 A.M., Room M101

National Parent Involvement Day- November 17/PTSA Meeting, all day event for parents.

Saturday PTSA SWAP MEET 6:30 to 1:00 P. M.

Tuesday, November 15, & 29, December 6 & 13, Parent Classes on Destination College.

To the SSC & the PTSA: Please pick a date for the SSC/PTSA Holiday Celebration.

Dates open: 12/8/2016 or 12/15/2016.

Please note: The SSC & the PTSA agreed to have the celebration on December 8, 2016.

The advertisement of the SWAP Meet was put in the Voice & Viewpoint and the San Diego Tribune.

Principal's report:

Mr. Laine welcomed the two students to the SSC meeting. At the last meeting Mr. Laine went over the Safety Plan.

The District is having the Morse Cluster Meeting @ 4:00 P. M. today. Policies & Procedures will be discussed.

Mr. Laine went over the Budget & discussed the By-Laws. Mr. Laine stated that the By-Laws must be followed at all times.

The new & first Progress Reports (this school year)the students did better than they did at the end of the (June 2016) school year. This is the first time in Morse History.

DAC Report: Green, H.

The DAC Council had one presenter. Mr. Anjan. He presented a Power Point on the U. S. Department of Education adopted framework. Mr. Anjan explained that Family engagement & Community is part of the District's Vision 20/20 goal built around the Indicators of a Quality Neighborhood School. Mr. Anjan shared his vision to build partnerships that will engage parents to prepare students for a successful path through education.

Mr. Vande Pol stated Online Learning provideds students flexibility and another option to complete coursework. Mr. Vande Pol shared the following information:

-Apex to Edgenuity

-Credit recovery offered

-Innovation Centers

-Online Learning Labs

-Flexibility & Personalized

PTSA: SWAP MEET: This Saturday

Price: $10.00 Stall

$5.00 one table (small)

Round table:

Mr. Laine: welcomed the new student.

Mr. Rockett: Glad to be back.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen A. Green, Secretary

Lourdes Sanchez, Assistant Secretary

Mark Gendron, Chair Person

Dr. Harry Shelton, Principal

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