School Site Council (SSC) Minutes December 6, 2016

Morse High School

School Site Council (SSC) Minutes

December 6, 2016

Member Present: M. Gendron , G. Guilas, J. Orona, L. Sanchez, , M. Irby, R. Rockett, E. Campos-Benitez (student),

Members Absent: Y. Black , H. Green , Y. Black, N. Natanun, Esmeralda Campos, H. Shelton.

Called to order @ 4:00 pm. Corrected Minutes were approved by H. Esmeralda/R. Rockett. Corrections were to add Mr. Rockett as present; and change the meeting date to November 3rd.

Parent Report:

November 17 National involvement Day. 20 certificates turkey and dinner by Dr. Weber for students. Last Tuesday destination to college workshops. Parent brought student's transcripts. Today there will be another workshop on FAFSA. Last destiny meeting will be next Tuesday. This Thursday is our winter potluck celebration. We are inviting and encouraging to bring their parents and community. This Saturday in Lincoln High School is Toys for ---free food, clothes, toys, etc. They will be using Morse parking lot to park cars.

PTSA had the swap meet was very successful. There will be another one during the Spring.

*Flyer attached.

New Business:

Morse is being remodeled starting the summer. The SSC is asking if we could have an Intercom System. This will facilitate school communication. This will also help in the unification of the school.

We have a motion, placed by Ms. Orona, stating that the SSC recommends to have an Intercom System installed in our school. The motion was second by Esmeralda Campos.

Principal's Report:

The budget was reviewed. The grey area is the monies we have no control over. We started with $420,325.00. Our present balance is $174,775.82. Parent involvement monies started with $8,136.00. Our present balance is $6,268.79. The present report is up to date.

Title 1 conference (Ms. Black, Ms. Irby)

Starting the summer Morse High School facilities will be remodeled.

ELAC: There was no report.

SSC will take responsibility over this body.

DAC Report: There was no report.

Round Table:

ASB is sponsoring Spirit Week, December 12-16. Decorate your doors. Seniors are selling grams for their fundraising. Tomorrow is the super-pep rally. There will be a presentation

Tomorrow from 12:30 to 2:30 from the STEAM series. STEAM Festival last Saturday November 3, 2016. Progress reports will be given to students during 4th period. Saturday School is improving. Saturday School new name is called Core Academy. Core Academy is an opportunity for students to improve their academic grade due to their absences.

30 Tickets

4:30 pm meeting was adjourned.

Public Comments:

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Gendron

Ms. Green, Secretary

Ms. Sanchez, Assistant Secretary SSC Chair Person

Harry Shelton



Lourdes V. Sanchez

Morse Math Teacher

Morse M.E.Ch.A. & MESA Advisor

SDSU Noyce Master Teacher Fellow

[email protected]

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